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Expandable Smart Vehicles Disclosure Number: IPCOM000212139D
Publication Date: 2011-Nov-01
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Disclosed is a method and mechanism for expanding smart cars on demand, to suit various needs. The expansion can allow for additional seating area or other connections. The expansion can also allow for additional fuel source along with the added pay load.

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Expandable Smart Vehicles

Smart cars have proven to be popular due to their space and cost saving advantages. Smart cars are small and nimble, yet at times too small for practical use. Due to their size limitations, they have been reduced to commuter cars rather than a vehicle suitable for travel or family outings.

The invention calls for a method and mechanism for expanding smart cars on demand, to suit various needs. Expansions can tax fuel source; therefore, the invention allots for an added fuel source along with the expansion unit. This invention is not the same as trains, tow vehicles, or tractor trailers. The invention enables a driver to have a small pilot compartment, such as a smart car, with a bigger size separate unit. Since the additional unit is self sufficient, the size of the smart car does not matter.

Adding additional "carts", or expansion modules, such as a passenger area or flat bed (for truck conversion), or any other type of expansion, transform the once limited vehicle. The smart car acts as the pilot compartment. It steers any and all of the attached expansion modules. The additional module(s) is self sufficient. However, it can be used in one of two ways:

• The extension module relies on its own source of fuel to perform all functions needed. It does not consume any of the fuel from the pilot module.

• The extension module also provides additional sources of fuel to the pilot. For example, if the pilot has a battery that can last two...