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Credit card random number entry Disclosure Number: IPCOM000212168D
Publication Date: 2011-Nov-02
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Disclosed is a method to reduce credit card theft by introducing an additional number, unique to the user, to the personal identification information related to the card, but not including it on the information held by the magnetic strip on the card. This prevents devices such as skimmers from collecting all the information they need to hack into a user’s account.

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Credit card random number entry

Security at credit card machines (Personal Identification Number (PIN) pads) and Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) are subject to thieves that can put devices called skimmers on the machines to capture a user's card data.

One possible solution to this problem is for the some portion of the credit card number not to be included in the magnetic data contained on the card. The card holder could choose the placement and number of the missing data, as well as the values (as long as the card number stays unique). Then, the machine would prompt the customer to enter the missing numbers to complete the transaction.

This is different from a PIN that other credit cards have, because the user is not actually submitting all of the data via the magnetic strip. Therefore, even if a skimmer device is present, it does not record the complete card data.

The credit card company could even offer a feature which allows the user to reprogram the card so that the missing numbers change.

Key ideas:

• The magnetic stripe does not contain the complete credit card number

• The credit card number is completed by the user before the transaction can continue

• The location and content of the missing data is changeable by the user (with the understanding that a new card may have to be issued if the location of missing data changes)

• Prevents a skimmer from collecting complete information