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Display with Integrated Scanner Disclosure Number: IPCOM000212170D
Publication Date: 2011-Nov-02
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Disclosed is a computer display with an integrated scanner. The invention adds scanning functionality to a computer monitor and can be implemented with either of two different configurations of image sensors.

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Display with Integrated Scanner

This invention solves various problems at once by integrating scanning hardware into existing display technology for added functionality:

• First, it reduces the need of additional hardware simply for the purpose of scanning documents, freeing up space in work areas.

• Second, it adds the scanning hardware into the display and the data scanned can be directly input and used by the machine that is using the display.

• Third, if integrated into a mobile device with a display (e.g., a laptop or tablet), a user can carry around and use the scanner in any location in which the portable machine functions. This makes it easier and more intuitive to scan documents directly to a user's device.

Current solutions are machines that connect to a user's device and scan documents, but take up space and are independent from devices that connect to them. Another solution would be using a camera to capture the image and transfer it to the computer or device, but takes time and the quality is not the best.

This solution can also be fully integrated (designed with the scanning feature as part of the screen) or it can also be extended to simply an add-on to existing screens. In the case of integrating with the screen, the manufacturer has more control on the features and capabilities the hardware provides to software developers to take advantage of the existing scanner.

The main idea behind this invention is to give the user the ability to use the same screen they use to view documents, graphics, and data on their device to capture physical information and documents and convert them do a digital visual format or for use by the device. The screen is equipped with a scanning sensor that captures and digitizes any image in front of the screen. It makes it easy to simply put a paper against the screen and scan it, then open it up in an editing program and edit it or send it to someone else. It takes the functionality of a big-sized scanner and adds it to a display.

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