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Snooze oriented system for blocking unwanted incoming calls and reduce battery consumption in cell phones Disclosure Number: IPCOM000212333D
Publication Date: 2011-Nov-07
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Disclosed is a system to block or redirect unwanted phone calls during a user’s rest period. The system utilizes sensors to identify when a user is in a sleeping or restful state. If the user is resting, then the system automatically blocks or redirects calls from telephone numbers that are not on a predefined white list.

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Snooze oriented system for blocking unwanted incoming calls and reduce battery consumption in cell phones

A method is needed for a sleeping user to avoid be awakened as the result of incoming phone calls. The current solutions detect only a list of phones or the current time as a means of preventing interruptions during a period of relaxation, rest, or sleep.

Although technologies and devices exist that are related to sleep monitoring [1-5], none directly relate to the idea disclosed herein.

The core idea consists of taking advantage of heartbeat sensors used to collect information of an individual. The sensors send information to a device which, based on the cardiac frequency, determine whether this individual is in a sleep state. If the individual is in a sleep state, the invention prevents unknown incoming calls from being received. The main advantage is: when the individual is asleep, the system automatically starts working, without the user manually turning it on before their rest period.

The invention makes use of existing techniques, [3] to identify whether the individual is asleep and send that information to an application running in the phone. The application prevents the phone from ringing when receiving calls which are not part of a predefined white list. Additionally, when the individual is asleep, the cell phone is changed to energy economy mode. For calls originated from a phone number not included in the white list, the call is redirected to the voice mail, as if the cell phone was turned off. (Figure 1)

Figure 1: Call redirection process. This diagram depicts the use of a watch which keeps sending the cardiac frequency to the phone using an existing technology such as WiFi.


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The process for implementing the invention follows: (Figure 2)

1. Sensor designed receive the cardiac freque...