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A file version management system enabling fine-grained patch submission Disclosure Number: IPCOM000212352D
Publication Date: 2011-Nov-08
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A file version management system is widely used in all kinds of collablorative development projects. A common problem bothering users of a file version management system is that, more than one fixes might be covered in one patch, while the fixes are totally irrelative logically. A problem introduced by the provious one is that, several patches might overlap with others in contents, which makes file version and roll-back more challenging. To solve those problems, this disclosure proposes a novel file version management system design, which can automatically parse contents of each patch before submitted, depart them into fine-grained items, then aggregate them into multiple patches, each of which contains fixes to only one logical modules. This invention can help programmers to manage their code more effectively.

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A file version management system enabling fine-grained patch submission

In nowadays, a file version management system is widely used in all kinds of collaborative development projects. As an example, in a typical software development project, a code version management system, e.g. CVS, SVN, etc., is always used to maintain the code base status so that a team of many programmers can work in parallel while guaranteeing the whole picture of the code base consistent. Another typical example is that, many project teams leverage a wiki site to form plans, update progresses and exchange other technique information. Either in a CVS system or in a wiki system, it is a typical application scenario that a member of that project access some file, which might be a source code file or a wiki page, browse it, change its content and then commit the change as a patch.

There is one shortcoming lying in all existing file version management systems, which is, all changes happened to one file after last commission will be commit in one patch. That leads to significant inconvenience in real works. As an example, to enable a new feature, a programmer always need to change multiple places within one source code file, which usually introduces complicated modification to that file. However, committing all those changes as one patch might lead to troubles and misleading in following development and maintain efforts. Another case is that, a programmer change a file to fix a bug, while after

drawing some code, he comes to see something related with this bug should be fixed first. Then he has to face such a problem that, more than one fixes with different purposes have to be committed as one code patch at once. This will lead to miss-leading patch description. Of course, a user of such file version management system can try to solve those problem by hand, but that introduces significant efforts.

The kernel idea of our invention is to provide a fine-grained patch submission mechanism in file version management systems. By introducing such a mechanism, a user can by himself specify how many patches all changes to one file should be grouped as and which change should be included i...