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Email Diary with Tags for Information Selected and Notes Taken from Emails Disclosure Number: IPCOM000212656D
Publication Date: 2011-Nov-22
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This invention is a system and method for managing and searching for useful information selected from Emails. It has the following features: (1) Tagging of information in Emails (2) Composition and display of tagged notes in the form of a diary (3) Tagging of based search or text search. This invention can be implemented for Email applications as well as web mailboxes.

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Email Diary with Tags for Information Selected and Notes Taken from Emails

What is the problem solved by this invention:

     Email is the most important source of critical information that is related to our daily life. Emails often contain registration information, web site links, and date-time of events of interests etc. But Email boxes also contain lots of messages that is never referred to after it is opened once. Often when we try to find something that is received a long time ago, we do not remember the exact words used or source of the email, and to do text search in the whole mailbox is slow.

Besides, sometimes we would like to write down something received in Emails, such as registration information, but cannot find a handy notebook that organizes these information well. Sometimes we would like to write down something that do not exactly appear in Emails, such as summaries, notes, or action items about Emails that just come through the reader's mind.

Existing solutions to this problem:

     Some Email applications or web mailboxes support labels. But the users can only tag whole Emails but not information selected in Emails. And the users cannot simply read through recently tagged Emails, but need to perform tag search first.

And some Email applications index Email content to speed up search. They do not support tags and so users cannot search for words not appearing in the Emails.

Both of the above solutions do not support adding notes for Emails.

Another solution is to write down notes in general notebook applications. But notebooks can not handle Email specific information or link to Emails. And to manage Emails do not require the complex editing functions that are often required for notebook applications.

Invention details:

This invention supports the following functions: tagging of emails, tagging of information selected in Emails, tagging of information extracted from Emails and adding and tagging notes of Emails. The following user interfaces are illustrated as sample implementations in a mailbox application.

To tag an Emails, right click an Email and select "Tag it", and then input tag names, or choose from existing tag names, or leave the tag name empty. The Email name can be a default tag if the tag name is not entered. Multiple tags can be delimited by semi-colons. For web mailboxes the UI depends on the front-end technologies.

Fig. 1 Tag it


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Fig. 2 Enter tag name

To tag information selected in Emails, select the texts or files, right click and select "Tag it", and then input tag name. An option can be used if a link tothis Ema...