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A six step repeatable process for deployment of AIX Diskless lpars for HPC

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000212743D
Publication Date: 2011-Nov-27
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Described is a repeatable process for (re-)deploying AIX diskless images containing HPC desirable customizations for a pSeries HPC cluster in an enterprise. This process separates out the disruptive and nondisruptive phases of image deployment. The subcomponent images may change often as the process uses an efficient combo build label for managing changes and updates.

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A six step repeatable process for deployment of AIX Diskless lpars for HPC

AIX* Diskless (Stateless) Operating Systems are now required for particular newer HPC hardware models. This process also identifies and isolates the very first lpar disruptive behavior in diskless image preparation ( PROCESS 6 )

A reliable and repeatable process was created to accomplish AIX Diskless builds and boots, where the AIX and HPC images are expected to change often.

Additionally invented note is the "combo build", which is, a specific build of AIX "crossed with" a specific build of HPC.

The combo build name can be viewed by the customer.

Without such a repeatable process the deployment of diskless images could be chaos, prior changes made to previous diskless images could be lost. Also, entropy deteriorates an AIX diskless image over time, forcing the unplanned necessity to suddenly create a new image. Thus, the best practices in this inventive process avoids "crit-sits" (critical situations) from occurring.

A 6 step process including 6 shell scripts is defined to deploy and automate the tedious and complex procedures to perfect AIX Diskless Systems tuned for High Performance Computing (HPC).

This is most useful when what is required is a repeatable process for deployment of AIX diskless lpars, where the AIX and HPC images are expected to change often.

The notion of the "combo build" which correctly tracks the often changing "latest build" of AIX and HPC , which are under development.

The process begins with the gathering and manipulating of the AIX and HPC images until a new diskless image is built.

The image is tweaked with HPC tunings. The process ends with newly installed lpars rebooted running the new combo build diskless image.

Overall, this process defines 6 separate steps which could be summarized as AIX and HPC image gathering, manipulatng into a diskless combo build, HPC tweak and reboot./install of the new diskless build non-disruptively onto the lpars.


FIGURE 1: Flow of the 6 step process


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Figure 1 shows a high level flow of this process..

Start with top level script which calls the 6 scripts (bigprocess1.sh - bigprocess6.sh). The syntax of the 6 scripts are simple and similar, .

The input for these scripts are based on the combo build name,
such as, 1032A_61L_1032a, where 1032A_61L is specific AIX build

and 1032a is specific HPC build.

# Creates HPC and compiler LPPs tree from AFS/PROJECT,GSA,; forms flat directory for diskles

# previous disclosure /sh/install/copy61L.sh 1032a

# Copies AIX ISO to local tree #sh/install/xcat/bigprocess2.sh

/sh/install/xcat/bigprocess2.sh 1032A_61L

# Extracts perfect NIM LPP_Source AIX tree from ISO #sh/install/xcat/bigprocess3.sh

/sh/install/xcat/bigprocess3.sh 1032A_61L

# Merges AIX...