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Method and apparatus to detect and handle unwanted call Disclosure Number: IPCOM000212802D
Publication Date: 2011-Nov-29
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This disclosure is a method and apparatus to detect and decline unwanted call by identifing caller ID, voice print and voice content together through interactive call accepting process and pre-define blocking rules at the background. By analyzing user following interaction for calling history to further update blocking rules to improve the judgement next time.

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Method and apparatus to detect and handle unwanted call


- Mobile phone is playing a very important role in people's life, for daily work, social connection, family life and urgency handling.
- In China, over
900 millionsmobile users
- 100% mobile user pervasion for developed country

- Mobile enables real time reaching and connecting to people, brought a lot convenience but…
- In China, in 110 number, the unwanted call percentage is up to 80%
- The report of baleful unwanted call shows 40000 call times with in a week.
- In one of the China province, the reporting 6031 cases about annoy call, there are 59.38% of them are "Ring once" calls.


- More and more unwanted (harassing/advertisement)incoming calls cause a lot inconvenience to human's life.
- Every people had those annoying situation of accepting harassing/advertisement call when they were sleeping at mid-night or having meeting.

- In most cases, people don't know who are those callers so they have to accept those calls to avoid missing important calls.

Prior Arts
Show the name from address book according to the call-in number Show place/location information of the telephone

Delay the ring tone for eliminating the "just ring" call

   Using the subscribed caller ID and input extra a designated digit for unsubscribed caller ID to verify the incoming call and prevent unwanted calls (Method for processing potentially unwanted calls - US 20030072426A1)

   A service module on service provider's node to allow users to report and store the unwanted calls which will be terminated automatically if it calls again afterwards. (System and method for disconnecting and preventing unwanted telephone calls and for enhancing desired calls - US2002/0085700)

   Using blacklist and a set of calling frequency criteria to judge if this is a unwanted calls. (Method and Apparatus for the prevention of unwanted calls in a callback system - US007315518B1)

A method and apparatus to detect and decline unwanted call, which

- detects any doubtable coming call according to predefined rules (like non-contact caller) and disables the phone's call notification mechanism temporarily (like mute the ring or disable shaking )
- launches a...