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Dynamic and live highlighting parts of a presentation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000212807D
Publication Date: 2011-Nov-29
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Enabling a presenter to make the presntation more dynamic during live presentation to an audience by emphasizing certain words and phrases during a live session

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Dynamic and live highlighting parts of a presentation

Often while making a presentation, we need to emphasize on certain key words or phrases in order to make a stronger point to the audience in that regard.

In a web conference scenario, to which this disclosure refers, currently a couple of ways exist like using a High lighter or an arrow shaped pointer or even having animation on the screen.

However these are getting stale since the user interface technologies in day to day lives of people is getting more and more dynamic and catchy whereas the methods of making web presentations is getting left behind.

Also there are a variety of devices used to make web conference based presentations today like PCs (which use mouse clicks) and tablets (which typically use touch screen). In a touch screen kind of a scenario, getting hold of a highlighter or a pointer on the screen would not be really as dynamic as the rest of the user experience one gets in the Tablet otherwise.

This disclosure is about an idea to enhance the user experience for a presentation so that the presenter can emphasize certain key words and part of the presentation in a much better manner which is tuned to today's day and age of User Experiences.

The idea is to provide an option to the presentation creator to add annotations or some other macros to parts of the presentation which they want to highlight so that it stands out when they need it to but stays at the level of emphasis as the rest of the t...