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Smile Tracker Disclosure Number: IPCOM000212817D
Publication Date: 2011-Nov-29
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Disclosed is a system that enables the retailer to correlate employee behavior with the sales revenue. The system detects and counts the smiles of employees and customers within a retail environment and then stores that information, associating it with the sales transaction. The invention incorporates face detection and smile detection software into point of sale terminals.

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Smile Tracker

"Store Climate" is an important topic for the retailer and smiling store personnel and customers indicate the status of the climate. Satisfied customers and engaged employees are more likely to be smiling; hence the need for "Smile Tracker" to keep track of the happy people (i.e., employees and customers) in the store.

The disclosed Smile Tracker detects, counts and stores the smiles observed in the store.

The invention seeks to marry the face detection and smile detection software with Point of Sale (POS) terminals. At the point of sale, cameras focus on the cashier and the customer. Any smile detected during the transaction lights up a "smiley" (similar to a lane light) placed next to the monitor as a direct feedback regarding customer's happiness. The number of smiles observed during the course of transaction can also be counted and stored along with the Sales Transactions Data. Like any other transaction report, the count of smiles can be later used to analyze the climate in the store.

The process for implementing the invention in a preferred embodiment follows:

1. Beginning of a transaction sends a signal to the camera (a new component added to POS or Self Checkout) to start recording

2. Smiles are detected using the smile detecting software (either open source, or new library need to be developed). Since the smile detection software is currently available as a product, this area of image processing should have matured enough for open source t...