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eBook Character Description Parser Disclosure Number: IPCOM000213062D
Publication Date: 2011-Dec-02
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The present invention discloses a method parse through a digital book or novel and extract all the characters along with a brief bio/description of them. A reference screen can be generated with the page in which the character was first introduced, additional metadata that has been specifically added to the e-book for describing characters and a character relationship web.

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eBook Character Description Parser

When reading some books and novels, sometimes it is difficult to remember which character is which and how they relate to one another. This is especially true for books with a large number of characters. This idea is to dynamically go through a digital book or novel and parse out all the characters along with a brief bio or description of them. Right now, the method of doing this is to go back earlier in the book and find where the character is and read it again.

This idea provides the reader of an e-book the ability to quickly figure out who a character is along with a short description of that character from within their e-reader. The results can be displayed as a pop-up or in a different section of the e-reader screen. Going back to earlier sections in a book and rereading can be cumbersome, difficult and can waste time.

For a standard book or novel, the e-reader could parse the text and pull out the proper names. After some filtering, the first occurrence of the character could be found as this is often times the place in which the character is described. Using a smart filtering and parsing technique, the algorithm would generate a short bio of who a particular character is. Once the ebook has been parsed, this information could be consolidated and placed in a readily available place for the reader to access.

Embodiment 2: A shortcut can be created to where the character is first mentioned in the novel. This would allow eas...