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Multiple Size Bolt Hole Spot Face Surface Finish Stylus Holder Disclosure Number: IPCOM000213204D
Publication Date: 2011-Dec-08
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Variable Size Hole Spot Face Surface Finish Gauge

When machining metal parts it is often a requirement to gauge the surface finish of the spot face (clamping surface for bolts) cutter path. These surface finish gauging requirements will be for all sizes that are on the machined part. For example a part could have M6, M8 and M10 bolts that have a spot face with a surface finish gauging requirement attached to those features.


   Traditional method for measuring these features is to have a dedicated gauge that locates in the bolt hole for each bolt hole size. The proposal below will allow one to interchange the detail that locates in the bolt hole thus reducing the need for multiple gauging devices. The diagram below is a drawing of the gauge that was built with the new strategy.

   As can be seen in the drawing detail 02/04, 03/04 and 05/07 are held to the surface finish pick up unit with a set screw (detail $07) which are interchangeable thus reducing the number of pick up and recording devices from three to one.


   By using this design to pick up the surface finish of bolt hole spot faces on can reduce the amount of money spent while accomplishing the same results.

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