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Method of automatic address book refresh from a corporate directory Disclosure Number: IPCOM000213211D
Publication Date: 2011-Dec-08
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Disclosed is a tool which automatically refreshes a user’s address book to match the most recent entries in a corporate directory.

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Method of automatic address book refresh from a corporate directory

Information in corporate directories dynamically changes from day to day, which then quickly makes obsolete local address book contact information. This mismatch of data is currently remedied by manual investigation and transcription of the changed data. Not only is this time consuming, but it is also subject to human error.

This invention contains software code which, when invoked by the user, compares every local address book contact entry against the corporate directory,
and in a graphical user interface(GUI) window, presents the user with (only) contact information that does not match the corporate directory. The user can then elect to save any or all data values from the corporate directory to quickly and accurately keep important client and peer contact information current.

The user invokes a program which loops through their local address book. Each contact in the address book is then compared against eleven key
contact values (shown below) in the corporate directory. If all of the values in the local contact match the corporate directory, then only a status message is given and processing continues to the next contact. When any of the eleven key values does not match, a GUI is displayed to the user, with a "Yes" (i.e., change) option checkbox for any/all items that do not match. The user may then select only those items to "Update and Save", "Continue" (i.e., not save), or "Terminate" (i.e., exit).

Key Values:

These items could be any combination of any of the values found in an employee's contact address book and/or corporate directory. The following list is one example, which is consistent with a corporation using an email application with an Application Programming Interface (API) link to the corporate directory.

• First Name

• Last Name

• Email Application Identification

• Phone - This is made up of internal phone#, and external# in format (int: xxx-xxxx ext: 1-xxx-xxxx-xxxx)

• Cell Phone - This item is the cell phone# appended by the cell id in format ( 1-xxx-xxxx id=xxxx)

• Pager

• Department

• Manager -...