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A method for parallel hardware coding Disclosure Number: IPCOM000213415D
Publication Date: 2011-Dec-14
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Abstract Embodiments of the present invention relate to a method for optimizing coding of hardware designs. In one embodiment, this method is to code just once the part of the design which is common to multiple hardware design designs. Given there are n designs to code, the section common to n designs is isolated and encapsulated in a section. This repeats for the sections common to n-1 design down to the section common to just one design. Then all these section are encapsulated in a single file topped with indicators specifying the possible common parts. In a second embodiment, this single file describing completely the n designs is processed to generate n files representing the n designs. The n files generated are topped with an indicator specifying that each file describes a specific design of the n design set.

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A method for parallel hardware coding

Body of invention

A method is described that allows coding of multiple hardware designs in parallel. Such that if multiple designs share commons parts, the common part will only be coded once. This allows much faster coding, and avoid multiple implementations of same function. This also avoid testing of each implementation of the common part and just require a single test of a single implementation. Then future modifications of the common part will only be performed once.

    Of course, parts of the designs that are not common to other designs can still be coded. They will be treated as normal design.

    Method consists in embedding into the design description language specific tags that specify to which designs this section belong. Then a post processor will read the design language and from this description will generate a description for all specific designs.

Description of the concept

Reset all define statements

This is because tooling can memorize previous config that might have changed in between, thus causing unpredictable tools behaviour
● Generate a define statement for all D0..Dn designs

● Isolate all possible common sections Cs0...Csm
- For n designs identified D0/D1/D2 .....Dn generate common ids
C0/C1/C2....Cm , example:

● C0= D0 or D1 or D2 or D3 ● C1=D0 or D2
● C2=D1 or D3, etc....

● Repeat this method for all section of hardware coding

    - ios description
● For each line of design description covering sum of...