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Large Item Security using Weight Pad for Cart Disclosure Number: IPCOM000213481D
Publication Date: 2011-Dec-15
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Disclosed is a method to incorporate a weight pad which acts as a security scale into the floor of a self-checkout lane. This allows customers to leave large items in the cart when scanning their purchases and checking out while maintaining security measures.

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Large Item Security using Weight Pad for Cart

Most self-checkout systems have a reasonable solution for bagged items on the security scale. However, there comes a problem with large items that need to be included in the security weight count, but are too large to place in a bag. Customers sometimes try to stuff 12-packs of soda and bags of dog food amongst the bag stands in the bagging area, which is extremely frustrating and often ends up triggering an alert. In other cases, customers remove bags/items from the security scale, which definitely triggers a security alert and requires intervention from the Shopper Assistant.

Other solutions exist that allow the large items to stay in the cart, but all involve a Shopper Assistant to be involved in scanning and verifying the large items.

The solution described here is to have a weight pad in the floor by each self-checkout station, which is tied into the security scale weight total for the transaction. Large items are left in the cart and scanned by the customer with a hand-held scanner. The security weight associated with those items can be totaled up and, at the end of the transaction, compared to the actual weight of the items left in the cart (minus the weight of the cart). This provides a way of notifying the associate at this time, should the weights not match up.

Since the only items permitted for this are large items (not greeting cards or apples, for example), the weight pad would not be required to be near...