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Method for providing food recomendations based on personal mood and other factors. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000214234D
Publication Date: 2012-Jan-19
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Disclosed is a method to automatically provide daily food recommendations based on a person’s mood as a means of achieving good health.

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Method for providing food recomendations based on personal mood and other factors .

Good personal daily alimentation is important to improve a person's health and, depending on the correct daily food choice, a person can be stable over the day, months, and years. Currently, the lives of most people are fast-paced and stressed, causing poor alimentation because they do not take the time to select the correct and healthful foods. In addition, a person's mood affects the food choices they make; mood defines a person's attitude toward many activities throughout the day. People need a system to help them make better food choices throughout the day, taking into account their feelings and attitude.

This invention automatically provides daily food recommendations based on a person's mood. For example, Joe is feeling stress as soon as he wakes up in the morning because the day ahead has a full workload including many different and critical activities. To counteract this stress, he requires some kind of special alimentation through his diet (e.g., some kinds of proteins, citrus, special juices, etc.) This invention provides a person such as Joe with an automatic food recommendation based on their current mood.

The method includes a database (DB) that stores the mood and the relationship information to the recommended food and all kinds of patterns. The method also includes software to analyze a person's mood. It performs this analysis using face gesture interpretation and recognition (e.g., looking at the eye forms, facial expressions, etc.). In addition, the system includes an apparatus to monitor the user's heart rate and/or blood pressure. Also, the method can include information about the person's current health status in order to make it more robust.

The DB can be populated with and either automatica...