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IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000214371D
Publication Date: 2012-Jan-23
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A system for creating a down hole mechanical and/or pressure barrier is provided that includes a swellable rubber embedded with one or more swab cups.

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The Cup Swell Packer takes advantage of different technologies. By combining the strength of a swab cup with hard swell rubber, it uses the swelling compound to begin energizing the embedded cups and back springs.


The concept is to use swellable rubber in conjunction with swab cup technology to create a down hole mechanical and pressure barrier. The use of embedded springs to add additional re-enforcement is a concept common to standard swab cup or seal back rings. The main difference is that the swell cup energizes the backup cups and acts like a fluid would. As the pressure is applied to the swell rubber, it presses into the cup forcing it out. This imbedded cup forms the foundation for the swellable material increasing the rating. Additionally, it allows for the deployment of swellable materials that are not bonded to a ridged surface, which increase the % of swellable material available. This has two key advantages. One, it permits thinner rubber to be deployed and two the rubber is not required to swell to such a high percentage to seal, thus creating a strong down hole packer.

The bonded front rubber also allows for an easier slip on application. Use of metal rings or plates that hold the packer onto standard casing or a tubular creates flexible deployment. This does not eliminate the option of having a fixed or standard Sub created to carry the packer dowhnole.

The length of the cup will be one of the factors in hole size verses tubu...