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Organizing clipboard based on object type and Selective pasting Disclosure Number: IPCOM000214390D
Publication Date: 2012-Jan-24
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Initially the system builds a bucket-list structure to organize the clipboard depending on the type of objects. Now, when a user wants to paste the items he/she will get the options to choose all the items or the specific item types. Similarly if a user copies all kinds of folders/files from a file system (either on desktop or on mobile) while pasting he/she will get the options of pasting all or specific files/folders. This will enable users to organize files on a file system. This can be implemented by using Hash map or associated array as data structure for the Clipboard. When a "Copy" is initiated, the item will contain a Type-ID (indicating the type of item i.e. text or picture etc.), and reference (as in traditional Clipboard). Then, we put this information in a new bucket. So, there will be one Key for each Type (Containing the Type-ID), and these will have buckets containing the items "copied". This can also be implemented using Associative arrays. So, when user wants to "paste", he/she will be given a sub-context menu which will have all the "Types" which are there in the Clipboard at this moment (from the Keys). User can choose what type of items he/she wants to 'paste' and all the buckets will be "emptied" and that "type" will be removed from associated array or map. If we want to implement the enhancement of this idea, to enable user to have a choice of the item among the many of same type which had been copied. Then, we will "remove" from the map (or associate array) only that item, and the key will be removed only when the bucket count under it is zero.

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Organizing Clipboard based on object type and selective pasting

Organizing clipboard based on object type and Selective pasting .


Prashant Dahiya Sanjay Singh


      Disclosed is a Clipboard re-organizing system that enables the user to quickly re-structure his file-system or design layouts etc. When multiple items are copied to clipboard, this invention organizes clipboard based on object type, and enables user to selectively paste item/s. This shall be useful with file-system as well as lay outing documents; and inter- device copy-paste operations and mobile devices.

For example - If user copies all the items on a document or webpage which has - text, images, hyperlinks etc.

Then, when pasting, User gets the option in form of context menu, where he can choose (by selecting) which type of items (selected) he wants to paste for e.g. user may choose to paste all the hyperlinks or only images even though the clipboard has all the different contents .


While designing either a layout or a website etc. copy-paste is a common operation. But it limits the user to paste all the Contents present in the unorganized clipboard and hence user has to either selectively copy before pasting a particular content type or he/she does paste all the contents and then manually delete the unwanted objects.

With current solution when working with the file system (mobile devices or desktops) users have to repeatedly copy and paste in order to organize more than one objects, which is a time consuming process .

Similarly, to achieve different/multiple object transfer to more than one connected portable devices, user have to do repeated copy /paste operation and has to keep switching between machines.

This invention will solve efficiency problem in all the user operation, which involves clipboard in computing devices, such as: file transfer operation, layout designing, organizing contents across all devices including mobile.

Prior Art/Solutions

There are a few existing techniques to increase efficiency with Clipboard operations:

MS Office does provide option to paste 'single' item out of numerous items present in the clipboard but for that to be enabled items needed to be copied individually and if user had done select-all (Cmd+A) whole of the selection is copied as a single item then user can't choose to filter content while pasting. The reason being that this prior solution doesn't organize clipboard based on object but rather as individual items stacked up without any structure. See Figure 1 below.


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Organizing Clipboard based on object type and selective pasting

Figure 1 : MSWord's unorganized clipboard

Due to the unorganized structures of clipboard, users have to search/scroll in order to find the object of his interest from a large collection of objects in clipboard.


The proposed solution, aims to provide quick access to all the clipboard objects based on their type. It solves this problem by...