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Non Volatile NEMs memory with Low leakage Disclosure Number: IPCOM000214425D
Publication Date: 2012-Jan-26
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NEMs have been proposed to be used as memory cell because it have low leakage current and simpler to process. Many NEMs memory that have been disclosed either have complex processing scheme or have high leakage current

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Non Volatile NEMs memory with Low leakage

This NEMs memory take advantage of different thermal coefficient of expansion to fabricate a metal cantilever that is slightly bended and suspended above a Word Line. Because of the cantilever is bended, it have a stable state of either bended up or down. These states can be set by applying pull-in or pull-out voltage on the WL. One the state is set, no bias need to be applied and the memory will retain its state.

Because the processing does not requires single crystal silicon or very high temperature, this memory can be made on BEOL above all the silicon circuitry, possibly savings area.