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Enhancement in file transfers between devices - an instant drop Disclosure Number: IPCOM000214466D
Publication Date: 2012-Jan-30
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Improvement of the file transfer between devices in that way the file is available under the cursor of the receiving device when the transfer is complete.

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Enhancement in file transfers between devices - an instant drop

This article describes how a typical file transfer between two devices may be speeded up from the user perspective by making the file instantly ready for use on the receiving device in a similar way a drop part works of the well known drag-and-drop action. In the file transfer between devices the improvement is on the receiver side. The assumption is that user is expecting the transfer, which is a strong assumption especially if the user owns both devices. So when the user initiates a file transfer he or she expects the file to be available on the other device, and usually is willing to perform some additional actions with the file.

The idea is to provide the file under the cursor for drop operation as soon as the transfer is complete. The drop operation will be changed compared to a normal drag-and-drop in that the user will have to press the button to make the drop instead of releasing a button. To withdraw from the drop operation user can press the Escape key, shake quickly the cursor or double click the mouse to abandon the drop and make the transfer work in the usual way.

Exemplary scenario:

1. An Inventor is writing a disclosure on her laptop and wants to include a photo of the plastic prototype she's made.

2. The Inventor takes the photo using her mobile phone and wants the photo to be included in the document.

3. She sends the photo from the mobile phone to her laptop using Bluetooth* techno...