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Dynamic Participant Windows/Layers Based on Voice Participation During Phone Conference

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000214474D
Publication Date: 2012-Jan-31
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Disclosed is a system for teleconferencing that uses dynamic windows based on voice participation that represents each of the callers. This system enhances the users’ experience and heightens participants’ engagement.

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Dynamic Participant Windows/Layers Based on Voice Participation During Phone Conference

In today's always-connected business world, many meetings take place between remote participants. To improve efficiency and reduce cost, telephone conferencing is becoming increasingly prevalent. During such conference calls, there may be a problem with a participant multi-tasking and the callers might have a hard time distinguishing who is speaking.

Dynamic windows based on voice participation that represent each of the callers would enhance the users' experience and heighten participants' engagement.

There are no known solutions besides the standard capabilities of video conferencing.

The invention is a system to use dynamic windows displaying the caller's name/id, photo or streaming video that changes in size based on voice participation. For example, a caller that is actively participating on a conference call has a larger window display than someone with less participation. In addition, there is a capability for the participants' windows to rearrange automatically, depending on who is speaking. As seen in Figure 2, the speaker's window shifts to the forefront and center so that all callers can identify Kelly as the person talking. If there are multiple speakers in a conversation, this would be visually identified by arranging their windows on the screen and identify the speaker with an animated audio symbol on their window. For a smart phone or tablet, the system shows t...