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User Profile Driven Discovery and Maintenance of relationship between Documents and Hierarchical Business Glossary. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000214719D
Publication Date: 2012-Feb-03
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Unstructured data like business entity definitions, policy documents, design artifacts, desicions, reports user sentiments, etc is typically maintained in file systems or enterprise content management systems and often has no pointers to the business terminology. This article discusses the way to link such unstructured data to business terminology in Business Glossaries, for example IBM Infosphere Business Glossary. The linking of such unstructured data and updating the metadata is based on the user profiles

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User Profile Driven Discovery and Maintenance of relationship between Documents and Hierarchical Business Glossary.

Business Glossary enables creating and managing an enterprise vocabulary and classification system, with ready to use industry standard terms and definitions, and thus defines the business metadata in a hierarchical fashion. The structured data assets like host, database schema, table, etc. can be assigned to Business Glossary Terms or Categories thus connecting the business vocabulary and structured data assets used in data warehousing.

Documents related to business entities such as policies, design documents, specifications, project definitions and reports, etc, (unstructured data) are stored in silos, where these business glossary terms and definitions are defined in detail or being used. Classification of unstructured data is one of the biggest challenges. Business people don't know where to find relevant data. The project related documents were maintained in systems like ECM servers, but the DBAs or users don't have clear, updated guidance on what to do with their data. This innovation proposes linking the business/project documents to the related business terminology.

The links between business terminology and the unstructured data are maintained in the repository of Business Glossary. The user can see the linked documents of a term in BG Browser tool while viewing the details of that term. These links are stored as external assets associated with corresponding Business Glossary Terms. can be viewed along with the term details and associated structured data assets.

The proposed system maintains profiles for each user, where a user could register the interested business terminology for notifications on any changes to these terminology. Any Business Category, Term or other BG asset visited by the user would be added to the history in that user profile.

System would run the search for related/associated artifacts periodically. The periodicity can be defined by the administrator of the system. According to the search results the system updates the metadata with the modified/added/obsolete external artifact links. Notifications would be sent to all the users registered for the changes on the given Term or Category.

Linking of these documents with business glossary terms provides an authoritative link between a business term definition and the real documents. The user can always refer the links to these documents for providing

the architects, ETL developers and data analysts get the business context for their efforts

the business analysts with the correct data sources for BI reporting, associated with...