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Hot Node Concept Disclosure Number: IPCOM000214892D
Publication Date: 2012-Feb-09
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Hot Node Concept

In applications where the delivery of compressed hydrogen gas must be arranged as a network of dispensing locations from a single source, controlling material cost becomes a necessary concern.

Convention has been built from the evolution of the dispenser concept; if additional dispensers are needed they will be installed independently, with regard to distribution of product.  Two distribution methods have been developed, both of which distribute product in parallel; a line of high pressure piping directly connecting to the cascade valves located at the supply point or multiple lines run through the site, and multiple cascade valves in each dispenser.  As the demand for multiple dispensing points grew, a new distribution model was needed to curtail the cost of the installations.

One solution for this issue is to supply multiple dispensing points employing a shared common priority panel. To accomplish this, a single collection of cascade valves needs to be located at the supply source. From there a single line can then be run from the source to the first dispenser, and then to all subsequent dispensers in series.  While some cascade efficiency maybe lost using this method, significant savings in valves and tubing can be realized to the extent of $10,000 per site.

Figure 1: Current Dispenser Network Configuration

Figure 2: Hot Node Concept Dispenser Network