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Internationalized Email Headers (RFC6532) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000215107D
Original Publication Date: 2012-Feb-01
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Internet mail distinguishes a message from its transport and further divides a message between a header and a body [RFC5322]. Internet mail header field values contain a variety of strings that are intended to be user-visible. The range of supported characters for these strings was originally limited to [ASCII] in 7-bit form. MIME [RFC2045] [RFC2046] [RFC2047] provides the ability to use additional character sets, but this support is limited to body part data and to special encoded-word constructs that were only allowed in a limited number of places in header field values.

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Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)                           A. Yang Request for Comments: 6532                                         TWNIC Obsoletes: 5335                                                S. Steele Updates: 2045                                                  Microsoft Category: Standards Track                                       N. Freed ISSN: 2070-1721                                                   Oracle                                                            February 2012

                     Internationalized Email Headers


   Internet mail was originally limited to 7-bit ASCII.  MIME added    support for the use of 8-bit character sets in body parts, and also    defined an encoded-word construct so other character sets could be    used in certain header field values.  However, full    internationalization of electronic mail requires additional    enhancements to allow the use of Unicode, including characters    outside the ASCII repertoire, in mail addresses as well as direct use    of Unicode in header fields like "From:", "To:", and "Subject:",    without requiring the use of complex encoded-word constructs.  This    document specifies an enhancement to the Internet Message Format and    to MIME that allows use of Unicode in mail addresses and most header    field content.

   This specification updates Section 6.4 of RFC 2045 to eliminate the    restriction prohibiting the use of non-identity content-transfer-    encodings on subtypes of "message/".

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 RFC 6532             Internationalized Email Headers       February 2012

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