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Improved Card Feeder for 15-mil to 40-mil Cards Disclosure Number: IPCOM000215205D
Publication Date: 2012-Feb-21
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Improved Card Feeder for 15-mil to 40-mil Cards

(Cards of 0.0015 – 0.0040 inches in thickness)


                Card feeders on card printers may be limited in that their designs are typically optimized for a particular thickness of card. However, the design parameters for a thin card feeder are different than the design parameters for a thick card feeder. Similarly, the design parameters for the transporting mechanisms within a printer are often different depending upon the thickness of a card for which they are optimized. Generally, design parameters are optimized for a medium thickness card or the most commonly used thickness, resulting in degraded or less reliable performance when cards that are either thinner or thicker than the medium thickness (or most common thickness) are processed.


                Provided herein is a method for a card printer to detect the thickness of a card being used, allowing the printer to adjust for this thickness and for the firmware to apply settings that are most appropriate for the card thickness being used. This results in the optimum settings being used for each card processed, regardless of thickness.

                The process of calibrating the printer for a particular thickness of card may begin with a sample card being inserted into the printer such that the system may sense the card thickness and adjust the mechanism to the optimum settings for the sample card thickness. For example, the sample card may be used to set the position of a card singulation gate, control card transporting speeds, adjust print energy, etc.

                The sample card thickness may be detected by a spring loaded follower arm. The follower arm may actuate a linkage to set...