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System and method to monitor health Disclosure Number: IPCOM000215210D
Publication Date: 2012-Feb-21
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In a typical day of a professional user, the user’s health is often ignored. A user may find it convenient to have a system to track and monitor the user’s health.

On a typical portable electronic device (such as smart phones, cell phones and tablet computers) there may be a navigation device such as a trackball or trackpad.  A portable electronic device may also include a processor and an output device, such as a display screen, touch screen or audio speaker.  The navigation device may be at or near a site where a user may be expected to place his finger with some frequency.  By placing a light generation and sensor pad in the location of the trackball/trackpad, physiological sensing may be performed, and the sensed information may be analyzed by a processor in the portable electronic device, with the analysis or a summary or a report being made available to the user, e.g., by display on a display screen. By flashing the finger with a high intensity light and taking a moisture and blood flow (e.g., oximetry, which may reflect blood oxygenation and pulse) reading.  Other information that may be gathered or analyzed may include body temperature, nervous activity, response to exercise, cool-down after exercise, etc.

The user may be advised of the results of a single reading or any collection of readings, or readings over time.  Information may be presented in, for example, chart form, text form, audible form, animated form, or any combin...