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System and Method of Searching Keywords from Serial Web Pages Disclosure Number: IPCOM000215216D
Publication Date: 2012-Feb-22
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This disclosure brings up a method which could assist user to accomplish the searching requirement from a serial of related Web pages, instead of only a single page. This apparatus includes an analysis component for locating, analyzing and generating links of pages related to current Web page. A loading engine is also used to communicate with the Web server for fetching pages according to the links with minimum transmission expense. Finally, there is a retrieval interface which calls search components of different browsers to seek the keyword in each page.

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System and Method of Searching Keywords from Serial Web Pages

Internet connects people with exhibiting a huge amount of information on Web pages. More and more information systems are also providing Web interface to end users. While browsing those pages, users may need to locate some keywords on page content for convenience of directly reading. However, if the content size is too large and partitioned into several serial pages, readers have to click the "next page" button and repeat the search operation again and again. It apparently leads to a poor efficiency on retrieval.

In this invention disclosure, a novel method is proposed to solve this problem. With this apparatus, the keyword retrieval can be extended from a single page to series of related pages automatically and effectively. It enhances retrieval process by not only elimination of unnecessary user interaction, but also the optimization of page loading for minimum transmission expense. What's more, the searching interface can build the combination with implements of different client browsers smoothly.

Prior Arts

1). "Method for providing search-specific web pages in a network computing environment"

The patent describes a method for providing search-specific page sets and query results listings. End-users can customize and specify search pages with initiate a query.

In this disclosure, the candidate search pages are analyzed automatically from current one. The mechanisms of determining target pages are different.

2). "Searching and Browsing URLs and URL History"

In the patent, system and methods are described to present indicia for user associated web pages. These indicia are presented in a single user interface for response of searching user associated web pages.

This disclosure marks symbols to processed pages so as to avoid duplicate searching. The technology of representation and access is different.

3). "Systems and Methods for Providing Hi-Fidelity Contextual Search Results"

This patent describes a method to provide hi-fidelity contextual search results by receiving a query which is comprised of a search term, a location determining and a comtexual area.

In the disclosure, the search of content is realized by keyword match instead of using contexts.

4). "System and method for improving online search engine results"

The patent improves online search engine by using a plurality of result content pages from queries to build search databases for future.

In this disclosure, the temporary tagging repository is only used during searching period and cleaned up after process finished.

5). "Search engine system and associated content analysis methods for locating web pages with product offerings"


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This patent provides a search engine system to assist users locating web pages from which user specified products can be purchased. The locating of web page is based on both criteria and user's likelihood.

In the disclosure, the candidate search pages are analyzed fro...