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Visual simulation of multiple eReader device screens for use in EPUB testing

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000215407D
Publication Date: 2012-Feb-26
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Disclosed is an interface for testing the appearance of EPUB* books on multiple eReader devices. The interface offers EPUB authors a visual depiction of eReader screens to ensure that EPUB books display properly on a variety of eReaders, and with multiple user-defined settings.

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Visual simulation of multiple eReader device screens for use in EPUB testing

The EPUB* format and eReader devices are increasingly important alternatives to printed books. The EPUB format boasts a relatively shallow learning curve and appeals to many authors, even those who are not highly technically savvy. There are many free EPUB development tools available on the internet. The problem for authors is not strictly in authoring their books in EPUB format. Instead, the problem lies in easily and reliably verifying that the output will appear as they intend on a variety of eReader devices.

There are many eReaders on the market today, and the list continues to grow. Each eReader displays the ebook in a slightly different way. The various eReaders also offer customization options to users, including font face, text size, and margin width. In order for the book to be readable on all potential eReaders, the author must test his book on multiple devices, using multiple settings. This is both time consuming and expensive. Many eReaders cost hundreds of dollars, making the cost of testing prohibitively high.

A command-line EPUB verification tool, called EPUBcheck, is currently available for download at no charge. This tool, however, only verifies that the EPUB source does not contain any markup errors. The EPUBcheck tool cannot verify that content will appear as the author intends on any given eReader device.

This invention will provide an intuitive graphical interface for visually testing ebooks. The interface will display simulations of the screens of several eReader devices. The invention will allow the eBook author to test the eBook in the various user-defined settings offered by eReaders, such as font preferences. The invention will also integrate in real-time with an existing EPUB file editing environment that can be used to quickly fix errors in the EPUB source.

The task flow for an ebook author proceeds as follows:

Prerequisite actions:
The author creates an ebook (or a portion of an ebook) in EPUB format.

Next, the author makes use of the "Visual simulation of multiple eReader device screens for use in EPUB testing":

The author loads her EPUB source files into the Visual simulation invention.