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Method and system for local events broadcasting Disclosure Number: IPCOM000215430D
Publication Date: 2012-Feb-27
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The article describes a system providing a flexible capability to manage alarm broadcasting among group of users

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Method and system for local events broadcasting

Toaday people work in a fully integrated environment having multiple sites and locations working on the same project or more generically doing business together.

Sometimes it happens that local events affect the users collaboration impacting meeting, calls or any other user interaction. For example an unplanned alarm (fire alarm or simply fire test) may affect planned calls or conference meeting or local network/energy problem can affect any cross site development or test activity.

The problems above are addressed in this publication by the introduction of a system that can be configured to automatically broadcast local events to connected communities. According to such solution a user can define multiples 'virtual connected' groups and a set of rules that manage the broadcasting of messages to the right group.

For example a user can define a profile P1 applied to a specific group GROUP1 that causes the specific alarm (trigger1) to be automatically broadcasted to the group in a specific way.

These groups can be manually defined or can be by default extracted and created from a calendar application or any external source like IBM Blue pages.

The solution can be easily implemented through a plug-in component that can be installed on top of current collaboration tools.

For example a plug-in can be installed on top of current collaboration system providing the following component or services:

ยท Monitor component (either software or hardware) that intercepts local alarms or local communication (audio signals, specific...