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Smart Grid Hydrogen Distribution and Production Disclosure Number: IPCOM000215509D
Publication Date: 2012-Mar-05
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Smart Grid Hydrogen Distribution and Production

At the current stage of development of the hydrogen fueling economy, multiple issues must be addressed before mass utilization of hydrogen can be considered. A primary issue is the ability to bring hydrogen to individual consumers efficiently.  An improvement to the current method would be to implement a “Smart grid” for hydrogen distribution, a process in which hydrogen users and producers could unilaterally allow users of hydrogen to trade and swap product based on availability.  In the past this idea was limited by cost, however, the deployment of the Hydra, a liquid storage truck with the ability to dispense liquid and high pressure gaseous hydrogen, along with the development of high pressure composite tubes, enables this unique capability. Utilizing this arrangement, customers would be positioned as to create a hub and spoke system, in which they would become the source of production or transfill as opposed to relying on a central plant for hydrogen sourcing.  This would make it possible to pick up from a customer and re-distribute to other customers without returning to a terminal providing both liquid and bulk gaseous hydrogen to a greater area.