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Technical Disclosure of Silicone Containing Compositions and uses thereof Disclosure Number: IPCOM000215759D
Publication Date: 2012-Mar-09
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            The present disclosure teaches how to make hydrogen, methyl, acetyl or butyl capped Polyether modified Silicone (PES) containing compositions, and discloses many components that may be advantageously included with such PES containing compositions as defoamers or deaerators in coating compositions and, in particular, for airless sprayed compositions.


               The instant disclosure relates to compositions comprising polyether modified silicone having at least of a butyl or an acetyl end cap.  The instant compositions can be employed in a wide range of compositions including compositions used as de-aerators for reducing, if not eliminating, air bubbles in airless and air assisted spray applied coatings.

               Air bubbles and foams in coating formulations are harmful to the coating finish because the bubbles can form and leave craters, pinholes and other surface defects which are undesirable.  To control bubble formation, a defoamer or deaerator, can be added to the coating in order to prevent macrofoams or microfoams, respectively.

               Foams are usually generated by the addtitives in the coating system, such as surfactants or emulsifiers, and also by the coating application technique.  For example, airless and air assisted spray applications tend to trap air into the coating as the viscosity and thickness of these coatings are usually greater than those applied by conventional spray.

               Certain conventional compositions are described in US Patent Nos. 3402192; 3746653 and 4711714.  With respect to US 3402192, the primary object of this patent is to provide polyoxyalkylene siloxane copolymers which are useful as surfactants and as emulsifying agents.  Another object is to provide a stable nonhydrolyzable surfactant for polyurethane foams which does not give a pneumatic effect in the foam. A further object is to provide superior surfactants for the production of polyurethane foams which exhibit excellent solubility in water and excellent stability in mixtures with polyglycols, amines and fluorocarbons.  There is no disclosure of coating compositions or defoaming or deaerating coating compositions.

               US 3746653 relates to a composition of foam control agent particularly useful in jet dyeing of textiles.  The glycol or polyoxyalkylene unit of siloxane glycol copolymer is terminated or capped by the A group.  There is no disclosure of the specific nature of this group or any utility in coating compositions or defoaming or deaerating coating compositions.

               US 4711714 relates to water-insoluble Polyoxyalkylene graft copolymers as anti-foam agents for reducing foaming in crude oil/gas separators.  There is no...