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Method and System for Appending Information to E-mail by Tracking Communication over Multiple Channels Disclosure Number: IPCOM000215807D
Publication Date: 2012-Mar-12
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System for appending information to e-mail by tracking communication over multiple channels

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Method and System for Appending Information to E -mail by Tracking Communication over Multiple Channels

This article describes a system for appending information to e-mails by tracking communication over multiple channels. The multiple channels of communication may include, but are not limited to, Short Messaging Service (SMS), phone call, fax, social media, e-mails, and instant messaging (IM). The method involves interfacing an e-mail system with other communication channels such as IM, SMS, Phone, Fax and social media. Interfacing multiple communication channels with e-mail may be accomplished by maintaining a database associated with the users subscribing to the e-mail system. The passwords, phone numbers, access tokens and other necessary access permissions are stored in the database. The database is updated with any communication that is made by the user. The database is integrated with the e-mail system, wherein the communication made by the user is appended to the e-mail.

The e-mail system polls the database and publishes any recent communication made by the user associated with a topic. Alternatively, the e-mail system may receive information directly from the interfaced communication channels. When the e-mail system receives information about a communication activity associated with a topic, the information is communicated to the user visually. For example, the e-mail thread associated with a topic may be annotated with a phone call made about the same topic.

A user may initiate a thread having a particular topic. One or more users directly associated with the topic may subscribe to the thread. Thereafter, when the one or more users initiate communication with any other person regarding the topic, the communication is regarded as an event. The communication may take place through multiple communication channels. Parameters such as, but not limited to, temporal proximity are mo...