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Embedded User manual on Error Indicator Disclosure Number: IPCOM000216006D
Publication Date: 2012-Mar-19
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Disclosed is an embedded user manual on error Indicator. Customers usually have no idea on which documents he/she might need to refer for some error codes. This method is to have an indicator panel on the server to show the document id (Part Number -P/N) with or without page number for their reference to understand which document they can know more information about the errors reported by system. Quick response to customer's feedback and saving service center's effort for user can directly check out for error happen to system.

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Embedded User manual on Error Indicator

Current High-End Server design is to provide a LightPath indicator to tell customer what happened on this planar. Customers might see the error LED or some customers might be patient to check the AMM/iMM to see what error is. However, it does not provide more information about the action plan how to recover back which could be documented in PDSG. Lots of customers might throw Pubs CD to trash can or leave it somewhere without checking them. Or they usually go to IBM website to get the Pubs document for more information.

If we can provide more information about where to check the error information when error occurred, customers can first deal with error without calling IBM call center.

So, here comes our idea:

Indicators merge both hardware and software errors. How to show these errors as detail attached on file below.

1. Error message will use service processor (AMM-Advance Management Module /IMM-Integrate Management Module) to detect errors (hardware or software error) and show it on indicator.

2. Error message indicator will have error code and page number to be referred to on publication documentation or publications part number- to refer which documentation/publications that you need to look for to overcome such error. Publication documentation can be user manual / PDSG (Problem Determination Service Guide)/ document where manufacturer write error message and how to deal with such error.

3. If multiple error message ha...