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Adaptive PRE_READ Disclosure Number: IPCOM000216045D
Publication Date: 2012-Mar-21
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In 4K sector format with 512 bytes emulation HDD, un-aligned write performance degrades due to Read-Modify-Write operation. To improve this, adjust disk read length for Read-Modify-Write accroding to the conditions, so that HDD can read the data as much as possible, as far as HDD does not cause the extra revolution.

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Adaptive PRE_READ

Calculate disk read length for Read-Modify-Write (RMW) as follows.

* When write command comes,

1. Set RMW Read start LBA with command start LBA

2. Calculate servo number of RMW Read start LBA (startServo)

* When End Of Track (EOT) comes during RMW Read,

3. Calculate end servo number of RMW Read => readEndServo readEndServo = 2 - Overhead of head change from read to write

4. Calculate servo number of EOT => eotServo

5. Check skew with 3 and 4, and then adjust readEndServo [Refer to Figure 1.]

Figure 1.

6. Check eotServo and EOT servo number of next track (nextEotServo), and then adjust readEndServo [Refer to Figure 2.]

Figure 2.


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7. Convert readEndServo to LBA and start disk read
8-1. Complete disk read
8-2. EOT event occurs before the disk read complete, back to 3

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