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Methods and system for routing phone calls based on user location Disclosure Number: IPCOM000216066D
Publication Date: 2012-Mar-22
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Since the mobile phones introduction in our day by day life, we often assume to be always reachable in any time and any location of the world. Based on this assumption, a lot of things changed, for example the business, the way to schedule meeting. How the emergencies are managed and the exchange of information (where you are, at what time you come back home...) For this reason when it is not possible to be reachable in real time, it could be very bother and it could cause problems, for example problems for the business, or in case of emergencies. For example we are waiting for an important customer call and the loss of that call could terminate a contract or some delays that could prejudice the business. As things stand now alternative solutions to manage this situation are not present, the only available solution is to have a second mobile.

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Methods and system for routing phone calls based on user location

To implement our solution the following elements are necessary (Figure 1):

1. Software Mobile: an application installable on a smartphone (other mobile devices could be used)

2. Contacts Data Store (CDS): it is a repository to collect all the information about profiles, mobile phone position, alternative numbers where it is possible to be contacted.

3. Social Network: on the SN there is the capability to public the physical position, the telephone number and also the different friendship.

4. Smart Caller: It is an application that identifies the alternative number to call based on the information collected in the CDS and in the Social Network

5. Mobile Operator: is the mobile operator used by the user cellular (vodafone, TIM, orange)

The software mobile is installed on the mobile phone of the user who wants to use the system described in this article. This software has different features:
-It has the capability to create an own profile on the CDS
-It has the capability to add numbers to the alternative number list where it is possible to be contacted
-It is able to know the mobile phone position (e.g. using and embedded GPS device) -It sends the mobile phone position to the cds every polling time.
-Using a pairing procedure, it has the capability to define a temporary relationship with another mobile phone close to it on which is installed the same software. This new number will be sent to the CDS and it will be saved as "valid alternative number" during a predefined period of time
-It is possible to enable and disable the function that the theme of our article.

The contacts data store is a repository of the following informatio...