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A method to provide recommendations based on real-time data Disclosure Number: IPCOM000216189D
Publication Date: 2012-Mar-23
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A method to provide recommendations based on real-time data

Many travelers carry mobile electronic devices, such as smartphones and tablet computers, with them while traveling. The communication subsystems available on these devices may be able to receive notifications of travel delays. However, without a method to adequately discover alternative travel plans, the traveler is stuck waiting.

When such a notification is received, the device will search popular travel engines for alternate modes of transport to the destination. For example, if a flight is delayed, the device may search for trains to that destination. The expected delay time is taken into consideration when providing alternate routes. For example, if the delay is 1 hour, and the train service would require an additional hour of travel time, then it may be worthwhile to wait. If the delay is longer, however, the alternate may be suggested. As such, the expected arrival time of each mode or route it considered, and the mode or route having the earliest arrival time is suggested as a first alternative, followed by the others. The others may be ranked based on their estimated arrival time.

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