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Cross device gesture for data transfer Disclosure Number: IPCOM000216194D
Publication Date: 2012-Mar-23
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Cross device gesture for data transfer

When a user has both a tablet and a mobile phone there is going to be lots of use cases when files has to be transferred from one device to the other. NFC could take care of the identification and connection between the two devices, setting up a Wi-Fi between the two devices, for example. But there is still a problem of how the transfer is initiated once the two devices are connected. Gestures on the screen or menu items are two solutions that will have a hard time fighting for their existence due to the already high density of options on the two devices.

Another problem is the symmetrical aspect of the connection, if the intent is to move a file from device A to device B they are upon connection not identified as "sender" and "receiver", so all on screen options has to appear on both devices (sender/receiver), making one device act not as intended.
With on screen gestures there is also a problem of positioning the two devices, if you place them side-by-side and you intend to drag an item towards the gap between devices it is very difficult to calculate where the other device is.

If this is to be solved by using a touch gesture on the device, those are already today fighting for their space and not easily replaced so the suggestion would be to do a mid air gesture instead.

So to solve the problem of moving data between devices, the solution is to first connect them using NFC or a similar technology that connects the devices. The main reason why NFC would be a suitable technology for connecting the devices is the physical aspects and potentially button-less int...