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Restaurant Menu Filter System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000216197D
Publication Date: 2012-Mar-23
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Restaurant Menu Filter System

Some establishments offer such a wide variety of food and drinks on the menu, that it makes it difficult for a new visitor to the establishment to determine what to order.

As such, a user defined profile indicating their likes and dislikes with regards to food may be applied as a filter to said menu. Furthermore, a user may limit their choices based on dietary needs such as allergies, religious purposes, or preference. As an example, the user may choose to avoid dishes with either peanuts or fish. After applying the filter, the user will be presented with an electronic simplified and personalized version of the menu. This will aid the user to select an item to order which they will find favorable.

This profile may exist on a mobile electronic device, along with an electronic version of menus for a variety of establishments. Furthermore, said mobile electronic device may be able to access the internet, either through a secondary device, such as a mobile phone, or through its own integrated modem. An example of said mobile electronic device may be a tablet computer with wireless internet connectivity features, or a mobile phone with wireless internet connectivity features, or a personal digital assistant paired to a mobile phone with wireless internet connectivity features. Access to the internet will allow the mobile electronic device to download menus as needed from a centralized location, such as a server. This will enable the user to visit an...