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Method and System for Displaying Hierarchical Path of an Active Item on a Mobile Device Disclosure Number: IPCOM000216231D
Publication Date: 2012-Mar-26
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A method and system is disclosed which enables display of a hierarchical path of an active item on a mobile device.

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Method and System for Displaying Hierarchical Path of an Active Item on a Mobile Device

Disclosed is a method and system for displaying hierarchical path information from an active node to its root. The hierarchical path disclosed herein utilizes established mobile patterns without requiring multiple 'click-through' or screen space which is better suited to showing active content. The system and method allows a user to navigate back to any point in the active content's hierarchy or navigated path in a maximum of two clicks, regardless of hierarchy depth.

Usually, screen area of a mobile smart phone device comes at a premium. Therefore, only the most relevant data needs to be displayed at a given time for a given state of an application. Hence, secondary information can be available but ideally should not be included visually as it requires more visual indications than is available in the minimal framework of the application.

In conventional solutions, desktop applications use either a tree control or a breadcrumb associated to a content area for hierarchical navigation. However, each of these in a mobile implementation would take up an entire screen state by themselves and is unworkable for deeply navigated hierarchies.

In conventional solutions for the mobile industry, a single button typically in the top left corner of a screen returns the user to the immediately previous node or state within the navigated hierarchy. However, in the case of a folder structure when the user has navigated several nodes deep, a series of clicks is required for each selected node to return to the root node.

The Figure illustrates a proposed implementation of the hierarchic...