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Eclipse Event Admin to Property Broker Bridge Component Disclosure Number: IPCOM000216251D
Publication Date: 2012-Mar-27
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The basic communication model in OSGI (Open Services Gateway Initiative) platforms is the EventAdmin pub/sub architecture. In products like Lotus Notes and Expeditor the composite application component communication model is based on the Portal Property Broker model - ie. declarative wiring with point to point communication.

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Eclipse Event Admin to Property Broker Bridge Component

Event Admin is a basic pub/sub communication framework for OSGI (Open Services Gateway Initiative) bundles. It has become a common way for plugins to communicate with each other. It is a preferred communication model for many Eclipse based applications. The property broker is a point to point communication model. It supports declarative wiring, post coding effort you can connect components. It is used in the Composite Application communication model in Lotus Notes, Lotus Portal and Lotus Expeditor.

The bridge enables these two architectures to communicate with each other. Here is a high level architecture diagram of the communication happens.

The following screen shows how the bridge is constructed and how the user interface allows the connecting of the two technologies:

- The Event Admin topic to listen on (wild cards)



- The Event Admin property of interest


- The Event Admin topic to publish on


- The property broker property and "Set" action name


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Once you declare the different properties those properties are then exposed in the wiring user interface to be wired to other property broker actions.

To have the other way communication you simply the wire the in the opposite direction:

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