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C-Ring Installation Tool Disclosure Number: IPCOM000216329D
Publication Date: 2012-Mar-30

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To ensure proper assembly of telescoping sleeves, a combination C-Ring installation tool is required. The tool allows a c-ring to be spread via 4 fingers that apply equal internal pressure to a c-ring which will then expand fully into a groove. This full expansion allows for a separate wedge member to be inserted between the open/split ends of the c-ring to hold it open when the c-ring spreader is removed. This wedging member is left on the sleeve sub assembly and is also used to alignment while a mating sleeve is press fit into the sub assembly, thus fully installing the c-ring. After the press operation the wedge member is removed and reused in further operations. The invention consists of a handle, collet, sleeve, screw, and set screw. The handle and the collet are firmly connected by a screw. The sleeve is attached to the handle by the set screw which is loosely fit acting as a key to keep the sleeve on the handle, yet allow upward and downward motion. The sleeve has a tapered bottom which flares out the collet fingers when pressed downward. This flaring is what provides the equally applied pressure to open the c-ring for installation. When the C-Ring is expanded the cut ends of the c-ring open wide. When the c-ring is fully expanded a wedge tool with a tooth can be inserted. The tooth of the wedge tool is inserted into this gap between the c-ring ends preventing any collapse of the c-ring when the expansion tool is removed. This wedge tool is sized to fit on top of the telescoping sleeve. It's tapered id serves as a guide for the sleeve being press fit into this telescoping sub-assembly.