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Distinguishing of ISO Images on a Virtual Host using Checksum Digests Disclosure Number: IPCOM000216345D
Publication Date: 2012-Mar-31

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Disclosed is a mechanism to maintain a virtual host media library efficiently by ensuring that only distinct ISO images are available on it irrespective of it's file name. ISO images to be uploaded are distinguished with the help of a checksum digest calculated out of it. By the introduction of such a mechanism, it is clearly gatekept that the media libarary room space is efficiently utilized. The applicability of the concept behind this file distinguishing using a checksum digest can be extended into other areas also where the filenames could be different, but the contents of the files are exactly same. Comparison of the checksum digest would be more simpler and faster atleast for an initial round rather than doing a bit wise comparison in most of the cases, especially for large sized files.