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Prevention of Customer Impacting Events Through Automation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000216355D
Publication Date: 2012-Apr-02
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Disclosed is a method to discover and resolve machine or system conditions that would cause customer impacting events (CIE), before they occur. Periodic connections from enterprise machines to the remote support center include the transmission of state data via a high-speed Internet connection. Then, an automatic process launches to scan the data for all known states that are potentially problematic.

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Prevention of Customer Impacting Events Through Automation

Many of the problems that impact customers on their storage and servers are a result of a condition in the machine that has existed for a period of time, before any impacting event has taken place. A non-common event or error handling can trigger a piece of code that correctly runs under normal conditions, but due to this existing condition, the code incorrectly executes and impacts the customer with a loss of data or access, or corrupted data.

One method to check for these conditions is to build checks into future releases of code; however, this means that the customer would need to load new code on their servers, which could be the non-common event that causes the initial customer impacting event (CIE). The only other method to check for these conditions is to proactively have remote support personnel pull state information from the machines and manually check for known states; however, this would require a person to request this check and could not cover every customer for a large enterprise.

Instead of relying on future levels of code or account managers to be knowledgeable enough to know to check for these states, most enterprise machines "call home" on a frequent basis and transmit the current state to the remote support center for review. The review is then performed by programs that are aware of the known states that could cause a customer potential harm in the future and report the findings along with a solution to the appropriate customer service representative to review with the customer. Discovering and resolving the problems before they can cause a CIE would reduce the number of these events, increase perceived quality of the product, and red...