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Relay Programmable High Power Switched Transformer Regulator Disclosure Number: IPCOM000216418D
Publication Date: 2012-Apr-04
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E20120160 – Relay Programmable High Power Switched Transformer Regulator

A 240VAC Coil DPDT relay is used to connect input windings of a dual primacy transformer in series if the input voltage is 240VAC and allows the windings to default to parallel if the voltage in 120VAC.  This provides the proper secondary voltage without customer intervention.  The secondary is then switched with a linear transformer power supply to maximize power from the transformer.  This provides a regulated output voltage from the transformer well above the nominal peak output.  The peak power available from this design allows the transformer to be significantly downsized from what a normal transformer would be, reducing weight, incorporates in the structure significant immunity to surge and provides a regulated output which minimizes AC line content.  Additionally, under heavy load conditions the power is power factor corrected.