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Dynamic evacuation plan Disclosure Number: IPCOM000216478D
Publication Date: 2012-Apr-10
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This article proposes to change the current emergency procedures making them dynamic using the available technology to point out and analyze the location of the emergency and take appropriate actions in order to drive people on safe paths

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Dynamic evacuation plan

Current evacuation procedures in case of emergency include emergency exits, assembly areas and paths to reach them and known by users through simulations or through signals.

These procedures can sometimes tragically transform into traps. In fact, when an emergency occurs there is no certainty that all paths are usable and that the emergency exits or assembly areas are "safe" and/or accessible to the outside and then they actually lead to salvation. Emergency exits, assembly areas and path to reach them could be dynamically managed. In this way people are informed in real time if a path to an emergency exit becomes unsafe.

A series of sensors scattered in the building (but also on airplanes, ships, etc. ..) collect information about paths, water, fire, gas, stability or position in relation with the outside and send the information using wireless (via a network of self-powered hot spots) and/or wired to a control unit self-powered (black circles in the figure 1).

In the control unit there is a software that "knows" the building and it is able to determine which assembly area can be defined as safe by the emergency reported by one or more sensors (figure 2) and determine a safe path between the possible and practicable paths to the nearest safe emergency exit or assembly area. In the building in fact along every possible path luminous (and/or acoustic) signals have been prepared that are lit on the control inputs from time to time by tracin...