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alpha, alpha-branched alkane carboxylic glycidyl esters compositions and applications Disclosure Number: IPCOM000216568D
Publication Date: 2012-Apr-10

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Research Disclosure RD563016 - OTHER Research Disclosure RD573003 - OTHER Research Disclosure RD573005 - OTHER


We have prepared and evaluated 2,3-epoxypropyl trialkyl substituted acetate (OXI; alpha, alpha-branched alkane carboxylic glycidyl esters) based on branched alkane carboxylic acids, the latter comprising in total 9 or 13 carbon atoms. The alkyl groups substituting the carbon atom in alpha position to the carbonyl group of the carboxylic acids therefore comprise in total 7 or 11 carbon atoms; at least one of the alkyl groups is a methyl group. The isomers of branched alkane carboxylic acid as illustrative example have the structure (R1, R2, R3)-C-COOH where the three R groups are linear or branched alkyl groups having together a total of 7 carbon atoms as depicted in Table 1. For instance, 2,3-epoxypropyl trialkyl substituted acetate (OXI; glycidyl neononanoate; Cardura 9) with isomeric composition as given in Table 2 have been found especially suitable as illustrated in the examples below. Such molecules and their applications have been described in Research Disclosures RD563016, RD573003 and RD573005.