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Smart IT Rack with embedded corridor containment Disclosure Number: IPCOM000216634D
Publication Date: 2012-Apr-11
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Data Centers must be optimized, the corridor containment is one important best practice to implement. The containment helps to improve the efficiency of the airflow management and the impact of the raised floor. As today, nothing is included in IT Racks to help implementing this best practice. This solution helps to contain cold corridor.

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Smart IT Rack with embedded corridor containment

Classical IT Racks use a door each side:

This solution integrates a corridor containment that can slide to contain the airflow. The smart IT Rack with embedded corridor containment will fix many airflow management issues.

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On the next picture, the embedded corridor containment is blue:

Picture 1: The corridor containment is closed.

Picture 2: The corridor containment is opened.

The corridor containment slides to create a containment in front of the server.