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System clipboard enhancement to prevent sensitive data exposure Disclosure Number: IPCOM000216639D
Publication Date: 2012-Apr-11
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Enhancement to system clipboard functionality to prevent sensitive information exposure.

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System clipboard enhancement to prevent sensitive data exposure

When user makes many copy & past operations he can by mistake expose some sensitive information. Following example shows the problem.

1. User copy to clipboard host, user and password information about some system received from other co-worker

2. User uses copied data to access the system

3. User found some problem on the system and wants to use search engine to check if this is already know problem

4. User highlight interested part and press copy keyboard shortcut (usually ctrl +c)

5. In previous step user by mistake pressed some other keys combination and thought that selected text was copied to clipboard but in fact host access information is in clipboard

6. Next user switch to search engine window in web browser, press paste from clipboard shortcut on keyboard and quickly press enter to confirm search

7. In previous step user entered sensitive data - system access information and expose this sensitive data to others

Proposed solution will display confirmation window with content of clipboard before pasting data from clipboard. When user select paste option or press related keyboard shortcut following dialog will be displayed:

Default answer will be 'No'. When user select 'Yes' system will allow to paste data.

This should be implemented as operating system functionality. There should be option to enable/disable this functionality. Administrator should be able to enable this option only for select...