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Method for Proactively Displaying Smart Emergency Contacts Based on Location and Priority

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000216697D
Publication Date: 2012-Apr-13
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A method and system for displaying a smart emergency contact on a mobile device is disclosed. The emergency contact is dynamically selected based on certain criteria.

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Method for Proactively Displaying Smart Emergency Contacts Based on Location and Priority

Disclosed is a method and system for dynamically displaying an emergency contact on a mobile device and the contact is selected based on certain criteria.

The figure illustrates an exemplary flow diagram of a method of selecting an emergency contact from a mobile device's contact list.


Typically, persons utilize passwords on their mobile devices to protect data stored on the mobile device. However, in an emergency situation, the data on the password protected mobile device may not be accessible to authorities or healthcare professionals and they are unable to locate and contact family members or friends to notify them of the emergency.

According to the method and system described herein, a button is provided on a lock screen of the mobile device which displays a "smart" emergency contact. Such a contact is dynamically chosen by the mobile device based on various criteria after comparing recent call lists, frequently called lists, any contacts listed as important and the locations of all of the aforementioned contacts. Thereafter, the authorities or health professionals will see the selected "smart" emergency contact information on the screen.

In an exemplary illustration as seen in the figure, if any listed emergency contacts, or contacts on a frequently called list or recently called contacts are within a 50 miles radius, based on proximity and frequency of contact,...