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Dynamic integrated lookup/group creation for Instant Messaging/Email of relevant SMEs (AA) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000216742D
Publication Date: 2012-Apr-16
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A method for providing customer support and problem resolution is disclosed.

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Dynamic integrated lookup/group creation for Instant Messaging /Email of relevant SMEs (AA)

Disclosed is a method for providing customer support and problem resolution.

Instant messaging is utilized by a service desk analyst or support engineer working on a customer problem, a ticket, allowing the service desk analyst to communicate with the person that created a record describing the customer problem. In practice, support engineers rarely solve a problem by themselves. Typically, they need to consult with a subject matter expert (SME) who is more familiar with the specific technology, application, or hardware to resolve the problem.

Problem resolution is expected to be expedited by utilizing the following method:

When a chat method is chosen, the name look up for group chat is dynamic and


automatic. The chat can be with one person, or it can be with a group of people. The group is chosen based on the ticket classification or a parse of the problem description that would yield the relevant SMEs.

When an email method is chosen, the email TO: / CC: is automatically filled with the


most relevant SMEs based on the problem description parsed, or the ticket classification.

Once the classification or the description is parsed and the set of most appropriate


SMEs are deduced some SMEs may have a preferred method of communication. This may be used to select the method of communication. For an example scenario: Suppose that there are 5 SMEs that could assist in r...